9 Tips from Expert Tarot Readers for Beginners

September, 24 2019

Starting your journey into Tarot reading can be pretty overwhelming! There are so many cards, all with their special meanings and it is not unusual to feel nervous when you first begin reading Tarot.

I believe that the Tarot is for everyone, and we should all feel comfortable with learning and connecting with the cards.

This is why I made this website and created my Tarot mini-course. I want to make the Tarot accessible and understandable!

Because of this, I decided to contact my favorite Tarot readers to ask them for their best Tarot tips for beginners.

The responses were amazing and I truly was touched by the insight that they shared with me. With this expert advice, you will be mastering the Tarot cards in no time!

Pick a card for the day every morning and journal what you think it means. At the end of your day, come back to it. How did your interpretation play out? This is one of the best ways to get started – and to get familiar with a new deck.

If you want to really push yourself, post your card of the day with interpretations on social media! This will get you out of your tarot shell and build confidence! For further guidance and insights into tarot, you can visit websites like www.myangelnumbers.net, which offer resources and interpretations to help you deepen your understanding. Believe it or not, you already know everything there is to know about tarot because it is a reflection of your psyche and human experience.

No one sees the world like you and no one will ever read the cards like you. Throw out your fear, toss aside the tarot books, and focus on what you see in the card.

What is the story? What is your message? Listen to the voice inside of you. That voice is your High Priestess. And when you know yourself, you’ll be your own best psychic, witch or sorceress, and magic will unfold… Trust me.
Learning Tarot can seem daunting at first. Knowing in advance that Tarot can take a lifetime to master can help you be kind to yourself as you learn your skillset and grow as a reader.

You will see so many different ways to read, different styles of divination, and even different levels of reverence towards the art.

The best advice I can give to a new soul just starting out in the practice is to go out of their way to figure out what works FOR THEM. There will be so much ‘wisdom’ and ‘advice’ on how and what to do and in the end, the only thing that matters is the relationship that you develop with Tarot and the art itself.

By any means necessary, do what works for you. Pick a deck or two that work for you. Shuffle in a way that works for you, read with or without spreads in a way that works for you. Give readings in a way that works for you. Take questions that work for you. Study in any way that works for you.

All of it. Do all of it in a manner that works best for you, makes you feel comfortable, and that you enjoy.

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