How do I submit to Moment?

Moment’s stories are usually commissioned, though some unsolicited manuscripts are occasionally selected for publication. Moment asks that you query via e-mail to


  • Understand that we have a small staff, and we do not regularly look at submissions. Know that we may only get back to you if we are interested in your piece.
  • Refrain from calling. Our staff is small and very busy.
  • Include a current address and phone number with your submission.
  • Clearly identify your submissions by titling the subject line as follows: “Submission: Essay” or “Submission: Poetry” or “Submission: Feature.”
  • Never take the fact that we have not responded to you personally!
  • Please do not be rude to our staff at any time!
  • Please do not send submissions by mail.

Should I send a query or just send in a complete story?

Query! That is, unless you’ve already written a completed piece.

What should be in my query?

Send a well fleshed out proposal with an outline. Be sure to tell us what is new or fresh about your idea. Send writing samples, if you have them. It’s best to create a link to the site you’d like us to visit within your email.

What if my story was published before?

We do not republish stories. Occasionally, we may accept a fresh version of a piece that has been published in a small journal or local paper that has not appeared on the web.

What if I want to approach a story I have done before from an entirely new angle?

We will consider this.

Can I submit queries/stories simultaneously?

No! Moment buys exclusive North American and web rights to a story.

Do you take stories on spec?

All stories are considered on spec, unless you receive a formal assignment letter.

How many times a year is Moment published and how does this affect my query?

Please bear in mind that Moment publishes only six times a year. Submit time-sensitive subjects at least six months in advance, and note that we rarely make “late-breaking reports.”

When will I find out if my work has been accepted?

Moment receives hundreds of submissions each month that are handled by a very a small staff. As a result, response time will vary, and we may not respond at all.

How much does Moment pay?

Our pay is comparable with other medium-sized non-profit magazines. Payment will be discussed at time of assignment and upon publication. It can take six to eight weeks for payments to be processed. Payment assumes Moment holds non-exclusive first North American rights, anthology and electronic rights. Moment pays a kill fee if a story with a formal assignment letter is not published. Unless otherwise agreed upon the story is exclusive to Moment.

What is your fact checking policy?

Writers are expected to fact check their stories and provide source information to staff fact checkers. When you submit your story, please also send a list of names and contact information for the people you interviewed. Other sources of information (from books, articles etc.) should be footnoted.

Does Moment publish fiction?

Each year Moment holds a short fiction contest. No fiction submission received outside the contest realm will be considered. Please check website for contest details and guidelines.

How long will it take to get paid?
Moment pays “on publication.” When the issue comes out we begin to process payment. Payment can take up to six to eight weeks from that point. To significantly speed up the process, please download a W-9 form, fill it out and sign it and send it when you submit your story. You can e-mail or send it by post. Our accountants require every writer to submit the W-9. Writers who are not American citizens must submit a W-8.

A Few Quick Pointers

  • Moment stories are written for the lay reader, not for experts.
  • Moment publishes intellectual explorations but not those written in an academic writing style.
  • Moment likes refined style and humor but these should be refined. “Schlocky” never works.
  • Moment publishes journalism, not PR.
  • Moment generally does not publish travel pieces unless they are tied into a deeper theme.
  • Moment does not publish one-sided features.