Benefits of Document Distribution Software

October, 25 2023

Document distribution software offers an electronic file system for sharing and receiving documents, drawings and other digital files in an organized way. Customers of this kind of software can pick from a range of options to locate the best solution for managing documents for their requirements, including options as easy as allowing team members attach PDF documents to emails. It can also be as comprehensive as enterprise content management (ECM) systems that integrate records and digital asset management applications.

One of the major benefits of document distribution software is helping organizations reduce the amount of time employees spend searching for information. Without a centralized file storage system employees are often wasting valuable time switching between different systems or navigating through various folders and email inboxes to locate information. This can result in delays in the delivery to customers and clients of important documents, which can also affect revenue.

Most users of software for distribution of documents are looking for more than just a location to store files and share the files with others. They are looking for a complete solution that can simplify processes, improve customer service and provide faster results. This is a case of solutions that have numerous features that can be used to automate workflows, provide secure access and monitor usage metrics.

Businesses looking for an option that is flexible and scalable for document distribution should consider Orangedox. The app lets businesses keep track of the times their Google Drive documents have been downloaded or opened. They can see the document that was downloaded by whom, as well as how long. It can also send email notifications each time a document has been viewed and opened.

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