How to Run Efficient and Effective Board Meetings

September, 28 2023

To fulfill its role of evaluating company performance, advising the CEO and connecting the company with the broader community it must function as a successful team. Being able to have fun with your board can foster this teamwork and create an even stronger bond, however it’s essential to keep these meetings on track and productive. In this article, we’ll talk about the most effective ways to conduct an efficient and efficient board meeting that will ensure your board is making the most of its time and resources.

Reduce the number of reports and discussions

Long reports can slow the board meeting down and distract from the more strategic discussions. Encourage officers and chairpersons to limit their reports to 25 percent of the time spent in the meeting. This will allow the majority of the meeting time to be devoted on strategic planning as well as key decisions.

Clearly Communicate How Decisions Will Be Taken

Communication of your decision-making process during board meetings is an excellent way to ensure everyone understands how to contribute. If you decide to make the decisions using consensus, voting or some other method, be sure to inform your board members prior to every meeting to let them are aware of the ways to take part.

At a minimum, once a year, Evaluate Your Meetings

Request that your board members dig this leave a “+” or a “-” on a sticky note on the table next to the meeting door. This will allow you to review their comments after the meeting. This will help you determine what works well and where improvements can be made to your board meetings.

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