Put Some Matzah on that Turkey!

November, 25 2008

By Benjamin Schuman-Stoler

Hey there InTheMoment readers. Hope you’re liking the blog so far. Remember, if there’s anything you want to tip us on to, or have some input to contribute, get in touch with us at editor@momentmag.com. We love hearing from our readers.

One such reader, Nancy Rosenberg, recently contacted us to see if the magazine had ever written something in honor of Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, Nancy, we’re in the middle of putting Moment’s back issues online (as an electronic archive) so we can’t yet do a simple “Thanksgiving” search and see what Moment issues mentioned the holiday. That being said, perhaps there are some readers who remember seeing a Thanksgiving piece in Moment.

So, readers, anyone remember seeing a Thanksgiving piece in Moment?

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