Secure File Expert

September, 04 2022

Secure document pro offers a safe space for you to give, share, and receive files. Instead of stamping, faxing, and storing essential documents on your hard drive, you can send out them right to a secure server. In contrast to traditional email services, Protected File Pro will encrypt and online back-up your documents within a secure way. This protected service allows you to share documents with others whenever and from everywhere.

Upon keeping and sharing files with Secure Document Exchange, you are able to send them to the contacts, who will be advised by email when they are willing to receive all of them. Also you can see the files that are sent to your contacts in eye-catching font relating to the inbox main grid. In addition , files that have been sent to multiple connections will remain in bold font even after they are unopened.

If you want to see the files of the contacts from all other users, click on the button named ‘View Other Protected File Exchanges. ‘ Approach security rights to click this switch, otherwise it will eventually delete the file for all your contacts. If you need to make any changes to the file, click the Edit switch. To encourage the Change button, identify the record you need to modify. You’re want to make alterations, click the New File Exchange button.

The Secure File Exchange web-site will allow you to send documents to your associates via PlanSponsorLink. Protected File Exchange supports most file types, but excludes certain types, such as *. exe, 5.. msi, and *. bat. It allows you to send about five documents per contact. It also facilitates the latest internet browser versions.

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