The Best Free VPN Application

October, 17 2023

The best VPN apps for free are ones that don’t put on restrictions and limits to try to force you into upgrading. For example, Proton VPN Free tops my list because it provides an impressive mix of features as well as power and quality without limiting your data use or throwing in ads. Its dedicated geoblocking staff makes it one of the very few free alternatives that can consistently remove Netflix or BBC iPlayer. It also keeps the core privacy features, such as WireGuard and content blocking, unlike other providers that offer free services.

Other top free vpn apps include TunnelBear which provides beginner-friendly apps that provide high speeds while letting you use 2GB of data per month. However, its data collection policy is alarming as it records the region codes, the browsing activity and other information which could allow you to be a target for online surveillance. Psiphon Another popular choice is a redirected here different option that records more threatening information including timestamped browsing activity as well as device details, and then shares user data to commercial partners.

Another great option for free is CyberGhost with an easy-to-use interface and simple navigation. Its “Best server location” feature automatically chooses the fastest connection for your area or you can expand it to select any country. Its security features are impressive also, with full leak-protection, RAM only servers, and a perfect front-to back secrecy. It also has an audited no-logs security policy and a robust tracker blocker. It only can support one device at any given time.

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