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September, 11 2008

  • Robert DeNiro is now Jewish. Or, maybe he just doesn’t like Mel Gibson. [God Blog]
  • Do Obama, McCain, and others violate the second commandment? Rabbi Irwin Kula is concerned about the use of God’s name in politics. [On Faith]
  • I just got $50,000. All I had to do was move to Dothan, Alabama, where the graying Jewish community is seeking implants—that is, younger Jews to refresh their community. [AP]
  • Identical twins who were separated at birth were reunited by chance. What an opportunity to study nature vs. nurture. [Blog at 16th and Q]
  • The Israeli soccer team played a World Cup qualifier yesterday in Chisinau, Moldova. The city used to be called Kishinev, and was the site of horrific pogroms in 1903. Israel won 2-1. [Ha’aretz and FIFA]
  • A professor at Yeshiva University recently had a sex change. She is now on indefinite leave. [JPost]
  • Try making realistic Rosh Hashanah resolutions. [Three Jews, Four Opinions]
  • “In 2004 George Khoury, an Israeli Arab student, was shot while running in the French Hill neighborhood of Jerusalem by a gunman from the Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade who mistook him for a Jew. Khoury’s family decided to make the donation [toward translating Amos Oz’s memoir, “A Tale of Love and Darkness” into Arabic] in an effort to help create greater cultural understanding between Arabs and Jews.” [Jewschool]
  • Here’s a useful chart of kosher meat companies and their competent/failing labor practices. [Forward]
  • “Anyhow, we are in an era where good and evil will be intensely clear to some, and not so clear to others, a period of confusion, where simple solutions might have dangerous appeal.” One writer remembers September 11th. [Looking at the Jewish World]
Photo by AlphaTangoBravo/ Adam Baker.

Benjamin Schuman-Stoler

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