What Is ESET Online Scanner?

September, 26 2023

ESET is among the best consumer antivirus software programs available due to its powerful and efficient malware scanning. It’s not equipped with a quick scan option and can be a bit draining on your CPU. It’s also less intuitive than some of its competitors. It can take some time to complete the full scans. And scheduling the program to perform regular full scans each night is a long process.

When the program is finished the scanning process, you’ll see the list of threats found and their descriptions. You’ll then be able to either delete or quarantine them. You can also create a custom scan profile to check certain files or folders. The program is able to run offline after the initial update of the module, however, internet connectivity is required to download updates and conduct complete scan.

The main version of ESET offers a wide range of features at a low cost. There are numerous options, including a powerful anti-malware engine, advanced https://esetreviews.com/how-to-choose-the-provider-for-your-data-room-ma-transactions diagnosing tools, and Web-based security. Additionally, there are parental control, a secure web browser, and a theft prevention feature. The Windows version comes with an app for remote wipes on your smartphone.

The program comes with a few unique features like the capability to monitor processes running and an uncleaner that promises to restore Windows default settings following cleaning. There’s even a bootable SysRescue utility that will assist in recovering your computer following an unsuccessful system startup. The software provides excellent customer assistance via email and by phone.

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