May/June 2017 

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Yuval Harari: of Cyborgs and Men

The medieval military historian became an academic rock star when he predicted humans will become gods, then go extinct. Will robots rule? by Laurence Wolff

Growing Up Trump 

How did Donald Trump’s youthful encounters with Jews help shape the man, and president, he is today? by Marc Fisher

A Moment Symposium

Defining Moments in Israeli History: 1967–2017
Moment asks an eclectic group of Americans, Israelis and Palestinians—including Yossi Klein Halevi, Meir Shalev, Ayelet Waldman, Aaron David Miller, Benny Morris and Yael Dayan—to share a personal story. Editor: Marilyn Cooper Interviews: Marilyn Cooper, Dina Gold, George E. Johnson, Ellen Wexler and Laurence Wolff

Our Nation 2017

Letter from Dahlonega
A Ku Klux Klan banner shocks a small Georgia town—and dredges up memories of deep-rooted prejudice.  by Noah Phillips

Book Interview

Alan Alda’s Universe 
The M*A*S*H* actor explains how he fell in love with science (and Einstein) and why acting skills are critical to science. Plus, he thinks he might be Jewish. by Ellen Wexler

Waves of understanding by Nadine Epstein

What if the 1967 war had never happened? by Shmuel Rosner

When feminism and Zionism clash by Liat Deener-Chodirker

Jerusalem’s troubled holy sites by Marshall Breger

Are school vouchers good for the Jews? by Jenny Diamond Cheng 

JEWISH WORD The evolving semantics of anti-Semitism by Ellen Wexler 

VISUAL MOMENT Thrilling treasures from Oxford’s vaults by Diane M. Bolz

ASK THE RABBIS What should Jews know about the Muslim faith?

POEM “Borscht” by Myra Shapiro

TALK OF THE TABLE Palestinian haute cuisine heats up by Eetta Prince-Gibson 

The Origin of the Jews:The Quest for Roots in a Rootless Age
reviewed by Shaye J.D. Cohen

The Six-Day War: The Breaking of the Middle East
reviewed by Tom Segev

The Shadow Land
reviewed by Anne Roiphe