About Marshall Breger

Marshall Breger is a law professor at Catholic University.

Opinion | Will 2020 Be the Year of ‘Jexodus’?

The party of Trump is a far cry from the party of Reagan. The concern of the Trump base with immigration, like the language of “America First” or the use of tropes favored by white nationalists are not issues that attract American Jews. It is early days, but I suspect the GOP’s hopes will be dashed once again.

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Opinion | Americans Want an Immigration Fix

No one doubts that Donald Trump’s approach to immigration is two parts bombast, two parts cruelty and two parts fear. Other than a general antagonism to immigration, illegal or legal, from non-Nordic countries, he offers no serious or comprehensive plan to solve the real and continuing problems at our borders. Unfortunately, many Democrats have largely given up on any effort to do so either.

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