Books about Jews in Washington, DC

May, 02 2013

A supplement to our special Washington, DC Jewish American Heritage Guide:

The Jews of Washington, D.C. : A Communal History Anthology  edited by David Altshuler, 1985, Jewish Historical Society of Washington (listed below as JHSW). Reprints of articles from journals and newspapers on synagogue life, community   organizations, society and culture.

Jewish Life in Mr. Lincoln’s City edited by Laura Cohen Apelbaum and Claire Uziel, 2009, JHSW. Articles on Jewish Life in Civil War, and lists of Jews in Washington and Alexandria at that time, giving occupation, address and place of birth.

Jewish Washington: A Scrapbook of an American Community edited by Laura Cohen Apelbaum and Wendy Turner, 2007, JHSW. Large-format book with annotated pictures, photographs, cartoons, ete., and several oral   interviews from 2005 with Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Frank Rich, Albert Small and Irene   Emsellem Kahn.

Images of America: The Jewish Community of Washington, D.C., by Dr. Martin Garfinkle, 2005, Arcadia Pub. Co.

Fifty Years of Jewish Self-Governance: The Jewish Community Council of Greater Washington 1938-1988, by Hasia R. Diner, 1988. Pub. by JCCG

The Jewish Population of Greater Washington in 1956, published by the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington.

Proclaim Liberty: A Jewish Guide to the Nation’s Capital: Historic Places and People, edited by Susan Rebecca Brown and David Saperstein. 1976, Jewish Bicentennial Commission of Greater Washington

Jews in Greater Washington: A Panoramic History of Washington Jewry for the Years 1795-1960  by Hillel Marans, 1961.

“The Sephardic Jews of Washington, D.C.,” by Ruth Gruber Fredman, in  Anthropological Quarterly, Vo. 54, No. 2, April 1981, pp 61-7.

“The Jewish Community of Washington, D.C. During the Civil War,” by Robert Shosteck, published in the American Jewish Historical Quarterly, Vol. 51, No. 3, March 1967

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