Have a Sweet Rosh Hashanah with Apple and Honey Challah

September, 17 2009
Courtesy of Jenna at ModernDomestic

Courtesy of Jenna at ModernDomestic

By Maxine Springer

Here’s a great idea (trust us, we’ve gotten to try it courtesy of our friend Jenna at ModernDomestic) for a delicious treat that’s especially wonderful for Rosh Hashanah: A scrumptious apple and honey challah!

Although Jenna isn’t Jewish, she talks about her appreciation for the interesting connections Judaism has with certain foods.

It’s no wonder that there is a plethora of Rosh Hashanah recipes for apple honey cake – in fact, the apple honey Hanukkah cupcakes I made in December would be a perfect (non-kosher) Rosh Hashanah dessert. But I decided to go a different route, and made challah with apples and honey, using a recipe I found on the King Arthur Flour Web site. Challah also plays a symbolic role in the holiday – it is traditional for Jews to eat challah dipped in honey at Rosh Hashanah – and I liked the idea of a recipe that combined all the symbolic elements in one

Jenna brought over her challah to Moment‘s office last week for a taste-test. We gave it the Jewish grandmother’s seal of approval.

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  1. moderndomestic says:

    I’m glad you guys liked it!


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