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3 thoughts on “May/June issue of Moment is Out!

  1. Mindy says:


  2. Ian Bushon says:

    Re: “How should Jews treat their Arab neighbors?”
    I was amazed at the extreme intolerance expressed by Rabbi Manis Friedman. His logic of how “peace” could be brought to the region is quite flawed. He appears to be advocating a “scorched earth” strategy which is quite a horrific thought all by itself. But to then assume that Islam is centered around only physical objects is absurd. We Jews did not simply “roll up and die” because we lost The Temple…Israel…our lives… If anything we’ve grown stronger!
    There is a danger in creating a people who have nothing left to lose! It breeds despair and more hatred and opens the door to the most exteme fanaticism.
    I am not a liberal when it comes to Israel. I believe that Israel must take tough stances and do whatever is needed to protect itself and its people when dealing with fanatics (of any kind) but the idea that it would be accetable to wipe out a people or a culture or a nation as a way to gain peace, well, strikes me as a contradiction of Jewish values.

    1. Chayim T says:

      Finally, an intelligent disagreement. Thank you Ian. If you believe Israel must do “whatever it takes to protect itself” then Rabbi Manis and you don’t disagree at all. Reread his piece. He is not calling for genocide. Just for self-defense at ALL costs.

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