New Poll Explains Why Obama Won the Jewish Vote

January, 18 2013


The majority of American Jewish voters believes that government regulation of business is necessary to protect the public interest and expressed a desire to reduce spending on defense, according the results of a new survey.


Released by the Workmen’s circle, a Jewish social activist group, the survey also found that half of all Jewish voters in the U.S. believe that Medicare can be preserved without cutting benefits.


Jewish voters’ income level also did not affect their stance on social issues, so that those earning over $250,000 expressed liberal views on economic justice as frequently as those earning far less.


The survey also found that 43 percent of American Jews agreed with the statement, “Poor people have hard lives because government benefits don’t go far enough to help them live decently.” An estimated 31 percent, meanwhile, agreed with the statement, “Poor people today have it easy because they can get government benefits without doing anything in return.”


President Obama captured 69 percent of the Jewish vote in 2012, according to exit polls.


One thought on “New Poll Explains Why Obama Won the Jewish Vote

  1. Stanley M Blumberg says:

    Most American Jews instinctly realize that much so called conservative support for the GOP comes from groups in this country that have always been hostile
    towards Jews. In addition we are sophisticated enough to understand that
    if we allow any group to be demonized wether it be gays,blacks,hispanics,new
    Immigrants,labor unions ,we put ourselves at risk.In addition uncritical support
    for Israel,promises of the use of force on her behalf is not helpful. War without
    end will threaten our Democracy,and Israels,if any one thinks that will be good
    for the Jews,they are quite delusional

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