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July, 31 2008

  • Say this one three times fast: Jews in the Ukrainian town of Dnepropetrovsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Dnepropetrovsk—sort of cute-sounding, right?—are building a $60-70 million community center. [JTA]
  • Anti-Semitic incidents in Great Britain are up 9% from last year. [CST]
  • Is Obama clairvoyant?? He has a “feeling” Israel will strike Iran if sanctions fail. [ABC]
  • To fight religious racists, you must understand them. [On Faith]
  • IDF who? Giant rats are Israel’s new weapon in the territories. [God Blog]
  • A Yiddish word is the winning play in a Scrabble championship! [Jewlicious]
  • “Israel has legitimacy from its history. We do, too.” Gaza opens its first museum of archeology. [NYT]
  • A recap of the 94th Hadassah convention. [Jewess]
  • Apparently Jews have a penchant for marijuana. [Forward]
  • Batman helps explain Judaism…who knew?! [Blogs of Zion]
  • If I forget thee…D’oh! At least one kid is having a Bar-Mitzvah in Beijing, which isn’t exactly known as one of Judaism’s holiest centers. [JTA]
  • God is always watching you. Even while breastfeeding. [Jewcy]
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Benjamin Schuman-Stoler

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