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February, 25 2011
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by Amanda Walgrove

It’s Complicated between Israel and Egypt. After Israel Unfriended Turkey last year, she has only had one longstanding friend remaining in the Middle Eastern Network. Last month, many Egyptians responded that they would be attending what some have deemed the “Facebook Revolution” in an effort to overthrow Hosni Mubarak’s regime. An event invite that was scheduled to begin on January 25, 2011 continued through February 11 as Israel watched, anxiously reloading her News Feed and fending off other friends’ frustrating requests to buy sheep on Farmville. Although Egypt’s account was briefly Deactivated, the revolutionaries eventually hacked Mubarak’s Page and gave his password to the Muslim Brotherhood. The world watched nervously as Egypt’s Profile Picture changed from a stunning frame of Mubarak to a chaotically crowded scene pervading Tahrir Square. When Israel logged in and was prompted to answer, “What’s on Your Mind?” she was faced with conflicting emotions. Would this revolution mean a possible transition into a democratic system, or a dangerously anarchic period in which Israel would be thwarted by radical Islamists and inevitably Unfriended by Egypt?

Israel needed to take a stand if she wanted to provide support to her Middle Eastern Friend. It would be a brash move to click the “Like” button on Egypt’s most recent Status Update: “Mubarak no! Democracy now!” After all, she could always go back and Unlike the status later if need be. Unfortunately for some, namely Hosni Mubarak and ’tweens disenchanted with Justin Bieber’s new haircut, Facebook has yet to offer a Dislike button. Although the Camp David Accords remained the highlight of Israel and Egypt’s Friendship Page and they can publicly share “Democracy” under their Common Interests, relations have recently been tenuous and now looms the possibility of beginning a dangerously Open Relationship.

One assertive action that Israel took during the tumultuous revolution was to open her doors to twelve American study-abroad students whose Education Info used to boast Egyptian universities. These students were invited to continue their Middle Eastern studies at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, representing another way in which the youthful constituent played a role in this historic event.

As of now, the relationship between Israel and Egypt remains Complicated. While recent Facebook developments now provide them with the ability to publicize that they are in a Civil Union or Domestic Partnership, it’s a good guess that neither of those options will be acted upon. Egypt will, however, be carefully monitoring any Wall-to-Wall exchanges between Israel and Gaza. Other pages, such as those of Syria, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority will have to be sufficiently stalked in order to stay abreast of new developments. Who knows what might be surreptitiously discussed on Facebook Chat? Overseas, Israel and America are tightly linked, but as America fumbles with its foreign policy, Israel may be prompted to begin sending out new Friend Requests. Plenty of Notifications are expected to pop up in this continued period of dangerous unrest in the Middle East. In the meantime, Israel is hoping that while Egypt is in a transitional state, they will avoid creating problems with international allies. With any luck, unnecessary Poking will be kept to a minimum.

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3 thoughts on “Accept Friend Request?

  1. Vlady says:

    Seems you use ‘friend’ as a new euphemism for the one who is not been openly your enemy. But even this definition is too meek and soft. There have never been friends ( in its true meaning) of Israel in that region. What you call ‘friends’ are tentative peaceful neighbors tied by treaties which are monitored by US. These ostensible friends are always ready to sponsor and provide help to Israeli foes as did Turkey with Gaza flotilla. Anti Jewish and anti Israel propaganda has been rampant during best times in all these friendly countries. I just hope that the current turmoil in the ME did not make things worse.

  2. Hello Friend,

    Honestly a concise message and stop by. Wished to say: “I heard from a very good friend living over in Israel now… Excellent man, great human being! “It’s easy to worry with all that’s been going on in this all to often unglued world” “Needless to say, I have already read much of your articles (moment magazine), here on and find you very good, Amanda, and that’s a vast understatement friend… I’m certain we’d agree? It’d be nice to see a resolution between Palestine and Israel and heck while we’re at it, just as Vlady said: I just hope that the current turmoil in the ME did not make things worse. Really that a reolution amongst the entire Mid East is what is needed; how to go about it as I shake my head? Who knows, who knows???

    Much Peace All,

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