Election 2012: What Readers Had to Say

November, 15 2012

After the presidential election wrapped up last week, we asked our readers what they thought about the results. Read on to see what some of them had to say.

Whether they’re happy with Obama’s win:

  • “By the end of the campaign I was ready to scream. The campaign season started way too early. The constant negative political ads was tiresome and irritating, I finally stopped watching TV altogether.”
  • “I am not happy about President Obama’s re-election. His failed policies of the last four years will continue. While he may not be a closet Muslim, he is obviously a Muslim sympathizer, literally bowing to them, and showing support.”
  • “Yes, the alternative was frightening.”
  • “I think he did pretty well under very difficult circumstances in his first term. We did not fall into a deep economic depression–where we were headed four years ago. To no small extent, he restored our position overseas after the Bush disaster.”
  • “[President Obama] is honest; Mitt Romney lies. Satan is the father of lies.”
  • “As an 89-year-old veteran of WWII I am quite happy because I know he wants to end the useless war in Afghanistan and does not think another Middle East war would address our interests, nor for that matter, Israel’s.”
  • “NO! For so many reasons: 1) the economy, 2) foreign policy (he’s no friend to Israel), 3) his stance on abortion, 4) his stance on gay marriage. And the list goes on!”
  • “He’s intelligent, seems to have moral convictions (which Romney seems to lack as he will say whatever it takes to get elected), and Obama is not beholden to or in the back pocket of big oil interests and their friends the Saudis. We can trust Obama to put forward candidates for the Supreme Court who would have more progressive views about protecting individual rights, protecting the environment and not insisting that the Constitution be interpreted as if it were still 1776.”
  • “I am very happy President Obama was re-elected. I voted a straight Democratic ticket for the first time ever for two reasons: I like what the president did in his first term and believe that the reason he didn’t do all he promised was because of obstinate, ignorant preachers, ‘prophets,’ Tea Party-elected U.S. Reps, conservative media lies and propaganda… I am fundamentally against the GOP’s arrogant condescension, meddlesome ideologies and ignorant belief system. The Conservative Christians showed themselves to be vulgar, profane and habitual liars.”
  • “The entire Republican platform is down the tubes. So much for an oligarchy buying a government. The test of true democracy is to serve all the people.”

What they hope Obama will do in a second term:

  • “Be reborn as a conservative Republican”
  • “Try to bring some sanity to what as become ugly partisanship”
  • “I hope the president will have the opportunity to appoint at least one or two liberal Supreme Court justices to bring a reasonable balance to the Court… I hope he can help weaken the stranglehold the religious right has gained over our country.”
  • “I live in Canada (and am a dual Canadian/U.S. citizen) and am appalled at the sorry state of health care in the U.S. I just do not understand why any thinking person can oppose a health care plan which benefits the population. I think much of the anti-health care feelings are due to lies that have been told by the conservative Right and the conservative media about universal health care programs in other countries (including Canada). So sad and ridiculous.”
  • “Enlist the help of Mitt Romney to fix the economy”
  • “We need to end the two wars and national building and get out of those countries. The money we would spend there can be used to re-build and invest in our economy here in America.”
  • “Number one, he MUST work to bring the other sides to the table. The American people are sick and tired of the stalemate in our government. It’s time for the president to show leadership and bring our people back and govern our country.”
  • “He should continue to push health care reform, push immigration reform in the form of a citizenship process for undocumented Americans, move more funding to education and infrastructure and find a way to re-industrialize the U.S. and bring jobs back to the U.S.”

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