Video | Jake Tapper: ‘We May Never Know How Many Women Left Journalism’

December, 07 2017
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Jake Tapper: ‘We May Never Know How Many Women Left Journalism’

Video by Bob Uth | December 7, 2017


“I want to make observations about all the stories we are reading about sexual harassment and sexual assault in my industry, in journalism. It’s been a very cleansing and reckoning time in journalism and in America with these stories, good but painful times,” CNN’s Jake Tapper said Sunday when accepting Moment’s inaugural Robert S. Greenberger Journalism Award at the National Press Club.

Tapper spoke of “men of means and power who not only treated women as prey but in all too many cases robbed these women of their dreams. We may never know how many women left journalism because these men treated them that way, and that has been heartbreaking.”

The Greenberger Award recognizes journalists who have fearlessly contributed to independent journalism and are undaunted in their efforts to tell the stories that need to be told in a fair and civil manner. It is named for Robert S. Greenberger, the former Wall Street Journal reporter known for his rigorous coverage of labor, economics, foreign affairs and the Supreme Court.

Tapper was chosen to receive the new award because of his relentless quest for truth and accountability; his dogged, bipartisan pursuit of facts; and his commitment to asking the hard questions or as many questions as it takes to get to the truth.

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