Jerry Seinfeld’s Jewish Christmas Tree

January, 03 2013


Jerry Seinfeld had the Jewish blogosphere fuming after his wife, Jessica, posted a photo of the family’s Christmas tree via Instagram. The photo shows the couple’s 12-year-old daughter Sascha, hoisted on her father’s shoulders, as she puts a star of David atop the tree.

“Jews on Christmas. And how did you celebrate today?” Jessica Seinfeld wrote as a caption on  the photo.

Other family photos include his daughter posing near a gingerbread house decorated with snowmen and stars of David

Readers on Kveller, a Jewish parenting site, chimed in.  “Jerry Seinfeld’s sad choice to have his kids decorate a Christmas tree with a star of david …made my stomach turn,” one poster wrote. “A Jewish star doesn’t belong on the tree,” said another.

Seinfeld’s eponymous television show was named one of the top 10 Jewish TV shows of all time in Moment’s January/February 2011 issue. Read here to see who else made the list.

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