Tell Us: What Does Community Mean in the 21st Century?

May, 12 2021
Jewish World
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In our latest issue, we asked thinkers, experts and scholars: What does community mean in the 21st century—and how do we find it?

We believe this is a critical question—and now, we want to hear your answers. Let us know what you think in the form below.

One thought on “Tell Us: What Does Community Mean in the 21st Century?

  1. Cheryl Feit says:

    Community is a connection between people. It could be your family and friends, colleagues and/or the people you connect with through work or play, either local or physically remote. You stay in touch via zoom, or other such means. If you are lucky the contact can be in person. These people matter to you and you want to stay connected.
    We find community through our interests, passions and work/play activities. We get involved with new people through working
    together toward a common goal. Some acquaintances evolve into lasting friendships, and as we age we keep in touch with the people with whom we continue to have shared values and goals and with whom we enjoy having contact.

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