Tell Us: What Will Life Be Like in a Trump Presidency?

November, 10 2016

For voters and pollsters alike, a Donald Trump victory was unexpected. On Wednesday morning, many voters woke up stunned. The victory has been an emotional one: For Trump supporters, the results affirm the surprising strength of anti-establishment ideals. But according to exit polls, 92 percent of Hillary Clinton voters—and over one-third of Americans—are frightened by the prospect of a Trump presidency.

Across the political spectrum, many did not prepare for the possibility of a Trump victory. So we want to know: How did you feel when the results came in? What will it be like to be Jewish during a Trump presidency? Where do we go from here? In the form below, tell us your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “Tell Us: What Will Life Be Like in a Trump Presidency?

  1. Sandra Block says:

    For months I have been concerned and frightened by Donald Trump’s pandering to the alt-right, his hints and innuendos about immigrants, people of color, non-WASPs. I’ve noticed the similarity of his message to that of 1933 Adolph Hitler who charismatically seemed to identify with downtrodden, unemployed Germans, who told them that things were, indeed, terrible, but it was not their fault, who asked for their votes and promised that he would make Germany great again. We know how that worked out. There is, apparently, no one in government or his family who will “speak truth to power.” It is difficult not to feel despair, hopeless, and helpless.

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