The Mirage of the Arab Spring

November, 19 2012

In our November/December issue, Clifford D. May says the Islamist movement could sabotage democratic reforms in the Arab World:

“Once the dictators fell, it became apparent that Islamists—those committed to the supremacy of Muslims—possessed the most sophisticated organizations, the most developed skills and the funds necessary to form effective political movements and parties.  They won elections in Egypt and Tunisia, though not in Libya, where a non-Islamist government is holding on by its fingernails.

It is a sad but demonstrable fact that most revolutions do not produce George Washingtons and Thomas Jeffersons. Most produce Robespierres, Lenins, Stalins and Khomeinis. Often, one form of despotism simply replaces another.

There are freedom fighters in the Muslim world, and they deserve our support. But they are not numerous. Most are Western-educated intellectuals wielding pens that are not mightier than the swords of the Islamists, who are supported by oil wealth and a vast international network.”


To read May’s entire column, click here.

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