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What to Watch: ‘The Restaurant,’ Swedish Cuisine, with a Jewish Flavor

When The Restaurant launched in Sweden in 2017, the website Drama Quarterly said that the series “is as brave, bold and ambitious as they come. A sprawling ensemble drama that opens in the aftermath of the Second World War and runs across two decades, it is an emotion-filled family saga that charts the fortunes of the owners and staff of Djurgårdskällaren, a high-end restaurant in the heart of Stockholm.” The show’s first season won the Kristallen Award for Best Swedish TV drama.

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‘The Plot Against America’ Adds New, Rich Layers to Roth’s Classic

Simon and Burns thus expand the point of view of the series, taking us outside Philip’s home and into Evelyn and Alvin’s lives. In doing so, they fill out Roth’s characters, shaping them into vibrant and complex figures driven by clear motivations and desires. They strive to tell a more complete story of the Levin family, one that showcases Alvin and Evelyn as people in their own right, more than what Phillip sees.  

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Disney’s First Jewish Princess Arrives in Time for Hanukkah

Princess Rebecca, of the Ladino kingdom of Galonia, appeared in an episode of  Elena of Avalor that aired on December 6. Elena is a Latinx princess who is the centerpiece of the Emmy-winning, Disney Junior Channel series which debuted in 2016. Until now there has been no Jewish princess—not that there wasn’t an abundance of attractive candidates.

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